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Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial Grass is fantastic for pet owners, it’s pet-friendly and they will love it.



Artificial Grass in gardens is becoming more and more popular due to the fact it’s so easy to manage and can be used all year round



Artificial Grass in schools means children can play on the grass every day throughout the year with no muddy footprints!

Pubs & Bars


Ensure your commercial space is being used every day by installing Artificial Grass

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Frequently Asked Questions

We guarantee all our artificial grass for at least ten years.

The benefits of Artificial grass is its low maintenance, helping you to save on time and money. You will have a beautiful lawn with no need to mow or water the grass, add fertiliser, and your pets won’t damage the grass.

Some artificial grasses need an infill to help hold the grass down and to provide a bit of shock absorption. Sand or granite is normally used as it leaves a strong base. we then fit a shock-absorbing mat for play-areas if required.

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    Artificial Grass Leicester were amazing from start to finish, they provided an unbeatable quote and were very professional on the job.

    Hanan Innocent


    Excellent job, excellent workmanship

    Great job from Artificial Grass Leicester on my garden, Artificial Grass feels amazing and I know the kids and the dogs will love it

    Fedo Elweard

    Great job at our school, the kids love now being able to play on the grass all year!

    Astley Jenifer

    Enderby, Leicestershire

    Artificial Grass Leicester

    Artificial Grass Leicester have a team of qualified professionals ready to install your artificial grass. Bring your garden to life and make it green all year round.

    Whether you have a small residential project in your garden or a commercial project at a school or bar Artificial Grass Leicester can help you make the most of the area.

    Why Buy Artificial Lawn

    Over the past few years, artificial lawns have really grown in popularity due to the fact they are very easy to maintain and can look green and usable 365 days a year, Don’t we all dream to use our garden all year around without getting mud in the house?

    So what are the benefits of installing synthetic grass in your garden?

    • It looks great! With new technology, there has been fantastic growth and you can now hardly tell the difference between real and fake; except for the grass will look amazing and green all year!
    • It requires very little maintenance: The grass requires only the occasional hose down and clean. This means no more time spent mowing and strimming and more time enjoying the garden.
    • Ideal for pets and children: the synthetic grass surface allows kids, dogs, and other pets to happily play in the garden without picking up mud stains or ruining the lawn.
    • It can add value to your home: There have been many reports from housing experts have that due to the increase in popularity and desirability of artificial grass, installing it can actually boost the value of your property.